Wednesday Stats!

-Average single family home prices are up 13% with the average 2018 price at $447000. 2017 was $394000

-Active single family listings are down 27% so if you are still working with your Realtor….don’t give up. Inventory is WAY down!

-Apt condo prices are up 18% from 2017

-Patio home prices are up 11% from 2017

-Lots prices are up a whopping 53% from 2017

-Townhouse prices are up 15% from 2017

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Not all condos are being managed equally

Just as all condominium buildings are not created equally, not all condos are being managed equally. If you’re considering a move to another condo, first find out how it’s managed and be sure you’re comfortable with that style of management before purchasing a unit in that building.

The management of some condominiums is contracted out to a property management company that oversees day-to-day operations under the direction and supervision of its board of directors. A property manager’s responsibilities could include keeping common areas clean, paying the utility bills for the common areas, collecting monthly maintenance fees from residents and operating and maintaining the central space and water, heating and air conditioning systems. Continue reading

Stay Calm, And Call Your Real Estate Professional

The Internet is a wonderful invention, allowing anyone with a computer or smartphone to instantly research everything from medical issues to home repairs.

But just like how you might use your online findings to start a conversation with your doctor or your contractor and not actually operate on yourself or build your own house, it’s important to recognize the Internet doesn’t provide the personal and professional support you need to help you through your own individual circumstances. The same can be said for the process of researching homes online versus connecting with your own, personal real estate sales representative.
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For sale by the owner…

Here is some interesting facts for those thinking about listing FSBO (for sale by owner).

With the power of the MLS your home may be view on average as many as 1200 times in 48 hrs!! That can mean multiple offers for your property!

I look at the hot sheets everyday and the trend is over asking on a majority of listings. If you are a Mr or Mrs FSBO you could be leaving money on the table. Your yard sign or Craigslist posting will never get the exposure of the MLS with over a 100 Realtors in CR with qualified buyers willing to pay $10000-$20000-$30000 more than the list price in certain price ranges. Continue reading

Average prices since 2014 in Campbell River

In 2014 the average single family home sale was $304000.
In 2015 the average sale price was $318000.
In 2016 we broke all of Campbell River’s previous highs and as of Dec 31, 2016, the average sale price was $343000! That is an increase of 8%.
Strata properties are where we have seen the most growth with a 91% increase in sales in 2015 and another 48% increase in 2016.
Patio home sales were up 124% which means there were a lot of multiple offers on patio homes this year. Townhouse sales were up 70%.
The February 2017 benchmark price of a single-family home in the Campbell River area was $318,100, an increase of 17% over February 2016, while the benchmark price of an apartment in February 2017 rose 26% compared to February 2016.

Campbell River Real Estate: Did You Know…?

  • Campbell River is broken down into 5 different areas. Campbell River North (Painter Barclay to Holly Hills), Quinsam Campbellton (older downtown area and up Petersen Rd where there are 3 new subdivisions),Campbell River City (9th ave to Rockland), Willow Point (Rockland to Jubilee Parkway) and Oyster River North (Jubilee Parkway to the Oyster River).
  • South of the Jubilee Parkway is on septic systems. In Oyster River there are still a few wells although there is city water available in all areas of Campbell River.
  • The population of Campbell River is just hovering around 35,000.
  • There is an abundance of recreation opportunities available such as the Beaver Lodge Lands trail system, Sportsplex recreation complex, Community Center, Centennial Outdoor Pool and Strathcona Gardens (indoor pool and arena). The Seawalk, along the shore, stretches for miles for biking and walking.
  • There are two 18 hole golf courses Storey Creek and Sequoia Springs
  • Several parks that operate camp grounds including Elk Falls Quinsam Campground and Miracle Beach Provincial Camp Ground.
  • Mt. Washington Ski Resort is open year round for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking and mountain bike riding and it’s only 20mins to the base and 45mins to the top!